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Mehetabel, Physician, Philippines

“Definitely take this course. Understanding the fear and anxiety of children are the most overlooked. This course has given a new and refreshing look about the medical field. There are indeed people who care about the process and not just the outcome.”

Physician Review

Elsa, Philippines

“Tame” is a realistic action verb to use. One cannot completely “eliminate” the pain of needle prick, but taming the fear will definitely alter the pain perception. I like the story-based presentation, because it speaks of actual experiences and testimonies of how this program/module can impact or improve the way we conduct our healthcare delivery.

Great for pediatricians

Alex, Physician

"Great for pediatricians, very relevant”


Registered Nurse, Canada

"I think that this education is very valuable and should be shared to all healthcare professionals. I believe the techniques provided are the best approach to working with children when doing a painful procedure.”


Maria Fernanda Busqueta Mendoza, Mexico

"An innovative learning experience about pain, provides a lot of tools and evidenced based interventions to make a difference in the management of pain for children undergoing needle related procedures. I am sure there will be a before and after taking this course for many professionals worldwide, for me it's already a training reference that I will certainly recommend!"


Shiena, Philippines

“This course is pretty amazing and useful for all. If you are working with hospitalized children, whether you are a Doctor, Nurse, Child Life Specialist or even a parent, this training is perfect for you."

For Everyone

Amalia, Philippines

"Everyone who works with children in the hospital setting should take this course!"

Very Helpful

Shalom, Philippines

"I want to encourage any fellow healthcare provider to take this course. The modules were very helpful and very easy to follow and understand."

Learn how to decrease pain for children

Pediatric Healthcare Worker, Philippines

"I only wish that more people will take this training so that no more children will be in so much pain."


Shalom, Philippines

"[Tame the Pain & Fear™] will serve not only as the best reference but also as an example on how we can continuously find ways to help our patients better."
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